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Experts urging Aussies to “Know Your Bones
this World Osteoporosis Day

New AUS report reveals alarming under-investigation
& under-treatment of those at risk 

To mark World Osteoporosis Day this Wednesday, October 20, experts will be urging Australians to “Know Your Bones”, and doctors to earlier investigate and treat all adults with risk factors for poor bone health, and following fracture. 

Their call will coincide with the release of a community risk report revealing: 

  • Only one in two Australian adults who have broken a bone reported having a bone mineral density test (BMD)1 to investigate their bone health for the risk of fracture, and presence of osteoporosis; and

  • Concerningly, of those who reported breaking a bone, the vast majority (86 per cent) are not taking preventative osteoporosis medication.

The new report summarises data from more than 88,000 Australians who have completed Healthy Bones Australia’s Know Your Bones online self-assessment to date, which explains a person’s potential risk for developing osteoporosis, and bone breaks.1


“Given more than six million Australians aged 50+ are living with poor bone health,2 we will be encouraging adults to get to ‘know your bones’, by completing our online self-assessment, to help curb the more than 183,000 fractures anticipated by 2022,”2 said Healthy Bones Australia Medical Director, and Senior Staff Specialist Rheumatologist at Westmead Hospital, Associate Professor Peter Wong, Sydney.


To learn more about Healthy Bones Australia’s new report, and the importance of understanding the risk factors for poor bone health, tee up an interview with a spokesperson below.  


A/Prof Peter Wong

Dr Weiwen Chen

Greg Lyubomirsky

Prof Peter Ebeling AO

Medical Director, Healthy Bones Australia & Senior Staff Specialist Rheumatologist, Westmead Hospital, SYDNEY

Specialist Endocrinologist & Deputy Chair, Medical & Scientific Advisory Committee,
Healthy Bones Australia, SYDNEY

CEO, Osteoporosis Australia, SYDNEY

Chair, Healthy Bones Australia & Board member, International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF), MELBOURNE


Marilyn, 66

Elaine, 57

Renee, 41

Kimberley, 41 

Graphic designer & classic car enthusiast diagnosed with osteoporosis after falling & fracturing her arm last year, SYDNEY

Mum, grandmother & GP Practice Manager living with severe osteoporosis, MELBOURNE

Cancer survivor who sustained broken bones & was diagnosed with osteoporosis, Geelong, VICTORIA

Wife & mother-to-two who was diagnosed with osteoporosis after the birth of her second child, BRISBANE


Kirsten Bruce & Sophie Mizzi

VIVA! Communications

T 0401 717 566 | 0421 009 258



  1.  Healthy Bones Australia, Know Your Bones Community Risk Report - Second Edition 2021. 

  2.  Watts, J., Ambimanyi-Ochom, J, & Sander K, Osteoporosis costing all Australians: A new burden of disease analysis 2012-2022. 2013, Osteoporosis Australia.

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